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I am the person who will destroy China.


Early in this viral catastrophe, apparently at least a dozen major CEOs resigned from their positions.  This news sounds pretty solid, but you may want to fact check everything I say here.  It seems to be a fact that Bill Gates resigned from chairmanship of his Foundation.  (You may be aware that Gates stars in the main conspiracy theory regarding the purported perpetration of this viral pandemic).

You can look back a few years in my journal and read about a similar mass resignation, with techie billionaires like the founder of PayPal moving away to NZ, and various islands in the southern hemisphere.  One of them said, "You have no idea what is going to happen to this country!"  In the meantime, and earlier, a host of natural health, and microbiologists, were being quietly suicided.  Something has been up for a while.  Not sure if or how these things are related, but there's more...

The word is that the Russian military has been chopping wood and stockpiling it in parking lots - this after the winter has already passed.  The UK government has put in an order for 500 locomotives.  Steam-powered.  This can only mean one thing.  They are getting prepared for the likelihood of being hit by an E.M.P., via a nuclear weapon.

EMP's, as you probably know by now, are waves of force which can be initiated by the sun or by a correctly placed nuclear weapon, and which are capable of knocking out electronics within a radius of a thousand miles or more.  You saw this in, "War of the Worlds," "The Day After Tomorrow," and many other sci-fi movies.  Everything from cars, trains, radios and refrigerators to trains, power plants, power lines and military facilities go dead.  Unless they are hardened.  Some of the most important things to go are electrical transformers.  Those in the USA have been seriously outdated and unhardened, although there has been some effort to replace them in recent years, UI believe.

The USA has been evacuating its bombers from Guam, stating that it is aware that that region will soon become a battlefield.  More than that, those bombers are within range of a first strike from Chinese short and long ranged missiles.  Another precautionary move, suggesting the imminent war will involve China, and possibly the USA.  (I heard of another USA military movement as well, within the past week, which I cannot remember, but which might have had something to do with South Korea).

Russia, meanwhile, is proposing to the USA that it will be fine if it invades Venezuela so long as the USA and Europe allow Russia to move back into Ukraine.  The latter is by far the most obscure "fact" I have heard.  However, if it is true, it resembles the sort of dancing that does occur prior to a world war.

It is very common, in times like these, for rumours and conspiracy theories to spread.  Now, we are facing an invisible virus.  We have been told what to do by governments.  And we are locked inside with idle minds.  This is to be expected.  On the other hand, it is normal for preparations and plans for war to begin in times like these, as well.  And for them to be kept secret, of course.  So, it is important to both listen to all the scuttlebutt, and to be even more skeptical at the same time, during times like these.

I should be writing soon in my own journal about how, on the one hand, most everything that has been going on regarding the virus has been to be expected - hunkering down, government control, etc., etc.  On the other hand, many of these developments are just what a conspirator, an enemy, would have wanted to happen - prior, let;s say, to its invading militarilly.  Both scenaria, both universes, both world lines, are possible - and we need to keep them in our heads at the same time.

Because, a funny thing is, it often happens that, planned or not, both sorts of scenaria end up feeding off of each other, and perpetuating each other, in the end.  That's because human being take every option, and if some with means see a personal or ideological opportunity in starting a war, then they are likely to go for it.  And, if on the one hand people may only be imagining conspiracies, on the other, the time is ripe for such rumours to elsewhere manifest as realities.
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