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I am the person who will destroy China.

By An Avalanche of Whistle-Blowers

I know many of you, left or right, agree that election fraud is something to be fought.  and many of you know that most of our corporate media has become an agent of denial.  The three and a half years, and million$, and endless media time, spent on claiming Trump colluded with Russia, (in trying to rig elections, or whatnot), and other crimes, were based on zero evidence.  Now that the Trump administration is fighting back against actual electoral fraud AND foreign collusions, the corporate media is giving this no credence, no air time, and are in fact denouncing it as a threat to democracy. Fox is urging Dominion, a foreign company, sue the Trump legal team.

Dominion CEOs are suddenly closing offices and disappearing. Involvement by China, George Soros, and other nefarious agents are claimed to be involved - which isn't surprising. We have been watching China and Soros play similar games in the past.

I think if you study things well, you will see that there is sufficient reason to call into question the election of 2020, if only in the swing states.  And, unlike the media, you do not need to have a ready-made conclusion that there was fraud.  The mere suspicion, supported by facts, reason and statistics, should be enough to call it into serious question.

My own conclusion, upon seeing a lot of very certain patterns, evidence and personal reports - along with an awareness of history, is that the election was, if not stolen, attempted to be stolen.  I am not a Republican, I am no longer a Democrat, and I belong to no political party.  I think it important to uphold and defend the democratic voting system, the representative republic, and the integrity of the truth.  The media is not taking us in that direction.

However, an avalanche of whistle-blowers, Democrats and Republicans, supporting Trump's claims, is.  I don't care if you hate Trump, or have been convinced to hate Trump, there is a very much higher principle going on here than personal emotions.  What hurts one party this time will hurt the other next.  We all lose.  I would suggest that everyone be as brave as those whistle-blowers, and be willing to see the truth, and stand up for it.

These things remain to be proved in court. Some states have rejected Trump's suits, (usually via partisan judges). Trump will proceed to appeal many of these rejections. Ultimately, he expects to take one or more cases to the Supreme Court. Frankly, this needs to go to the Supreme Court. If the situation was Biden, or Hillary, or anyone, suing for justice, where injustice appears to have occurred, I would support them just as much. Anyone. Note that the following article states that none of Trump's lawsuits, if won, would be sufficient to overturn the general election results. However, it looks like the teams could be able to overturn the vote in Michigan and Pennsylvania. I'd need to look at the map, but I think that would flip things for Trump. (I heard one estimate that Trump could theoretically win as many as 410 electoral votes, after justice is served). The reality is that Trump is fighting an uphill battle, and his success is far from certain.

‘Enough To Overturn Any Election’ — Trump Campaign Holds Press Conference Laying Out Their Evidence Of Voter Fraud

I have written a little about the election over at my journal. I've been planning to write more but have been busy with life and illness. Keep an eye out for a big post I need to do soon. Here is a post linking to more by Sidney Powell - https://madman101.livejournal.com/3060318.html

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