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COVID vaccine causes AIDS?  Actually, the official story is that the Pfizer vaccine can create HIV false positives.  The conspiracy hypothesis is that Wuhan scientists worked with the Australian Health Department to insert an HIV delivery sequence into SARS, and a vaccine was reverse engineered, or something like that.  The vaccine is thus "meant to cause AIDS and/or impotence."  We do know that serious reactions are occurring in response to the vaccine in the UK, where health authorities are recommending people with serious allergies, etc., not take the vaccine.  Like other adjuvant vaccines, it can cause a flood of cytokines in the system, which leads to various awful symptoms.  I have CFS, which already includes a flood of cytokines, so I am not going to take it.  Apparently, after a vaccine directed towards MERS, or maybe SARS, seemingly went well, a lot of people got very ill or died after subsequent infections by some other agents.  Well, mess with the immune system, alter RNA - what could go wrong?  Note: Roe Versus Wade argued that women are in control of their bodies, and this rule clearly may be extended to anyone who wishes to refuse a vaccine.  Also, forced inoculation violates international law, where the Geneva convention worked to prevent any similar reconfiguration of NAZI medical madness.

Official Government Report: Australian Covid Vaccines Spread HIV [false positives] – Watch

The doctor to SEARCH is Boyle, who has addressed related issues in the past.

Sorry I don't have a more detailed post but it's hard to keep up with everything that is going on these days.
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