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I am the person who will destroy China.

King Zuckerberg defriends Australian colony - for failure to accept tax on essential information.

We hand over our lives' information and Facebook grows by monetising it, (and sharing it with intelligence agencies).  New groups put out information and analysis on FB, and FB profits, by placing ads, maintaining popularity, tracing your moves, etc.  In Australia, the government thought to level the playing field - offsetting this intrinsic tax - by setting a fee on FB for carrying news sites.  FB responded by saying, "You don't understand how FB works!" and proceeded to block ALL news sites in Australia, both internally and internationally.  They waged this gross coercion, "with a heavy heart."

We've seen meetings in US Congress regarding FB, and other politically correct Big Tech blockers, and nothing ever comes of them.  Why?  Because they probably said, "We are private companies, and we can do, something like, ban entire countries, if we want to."  Gone are the days when companies were responsible to government charters of working for the punblic good.

Once given the unprecedented freedom to act as neutral platforms, though not being controlled as actual utilities, so long as they manage the most dangerous of posts, Big Tech companies have taken this into becoming actual PUBLISHERS, controlling any and all information.  Because, now, they are global, and powerful.  It has been sad and entertaining to watch, over the years, people rush like lemmings into FB, making it THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN, only to become confused when, one day, they are all finally frozen in a system of control and censorship.  Duh!  How did THAT happen?!  It's called corporate monopolisation - corporatism - plus the will to power and self-important narcissism.  Happens every time.  But, every few generations, people just stupidly let it happen, all over again.

Facebook has banned Australians from viewing or sharing news: Here's what it means for you:

Facebook has shut down the ability to read and share news content for all Australian users and publishers.
Peripheral information sources such as emergency services, charities, government health departments and weather warnings have also been caught up in the ban.
The dramatic move, a response to a proposed media bargaining code which looks to force Facebook to pay for original news, has dramatic implications for the way people use social media.
What does it mean for you, the user? Here's what we know so far.

Facebook's botched Australia news ban hits health departments

Treasurer says Facebook has 'damaged its reputation'

"Time to revive MySpace," they are saying.  (The platform was owned by the infamous 'Australian' mogul, Rupert Murdoch).  I'm kind of glad no one ever mentions flocking to LiveJournal.  Because it's safe here.  I don't want any of them freaky normatives rushing in here and ruining the neighbourhood, do you?

I warned people, back when Alex Jones was banned.  My my voice on this was itself cancelled out.  Since then, Big Tech giants have COLLUDED to influence elections, ban a president, ban hypotheses on elections and viruses, and ban great progressives like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Glenn Greenwald.

At the same time, cancel culture has been tearing down historical statues and setting buildings on fire.  There is a wall around WDC based on a predictable and planned event which looks very much like a false flag.  So, one of the main conspirators calls for investigations - like the Warren Report and the 9/11 Commission, both of which were JOKES.  These are terrible times, and China is just sitting on the sidelines, laughing.

Stay strong, Australia!
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